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ALA0002 Alarm, factory installed, unit rear, -25 to +30, remote

ALA0004 Alarm, remote monitor, audible, free-standing

CAS0003 Caster kit, factory installed 3", all swivel, 2 locking

CAS1004 Caster kit, 12-49 cu.ft., factory installed, (4) 3" for Glass Door Refrigerators

CAS1005 Caster Kit, 72 cu.ft., Glass Door Refrigerators

GLA0001 Optional glass door for GP06W1AREF & Bl604AREF

LIT1001 Light option, 4 fixtures installed w/timer

LCD0001 Optional LCD temperature display

LOC0001 Locking hasp, installed, with built-in key lock

LOC1004 Key Lock, Tumbler, matching key, glass sliding door refrigerators

LOC1005 Key Lock, Tumbler, matching key, single glass door refrigerators

LOC1006 Key Lock, Padlock Style, 2-door refrigerators

MPC0001 Micro Control, Includes LCD Display

PRT0002 2" access port w/weather-proof cover

PRT0003 1/2" feed-thru access port

PWR1001 Power adapter, 208-230VAC to 115VAC, 500VA

PWR1008 Receptacle, installed, internal, WP duplex, 300 watts max.

REC0001 Recorder option, factory installed, built-in 6", 7-day, 3-range

REC0008 Recorder option, free-standing, 6", 7-day, 3-range

REC0009 Recorder option, factory installed data acquisition system

SHE0002 Blood Bank Draw Conversion Kit, 6.1 cu.ft BI604AREF

SHE1001 Extra Shelf for Glass Door Units, for Smaller Units

SHE1002 Half Shelf, for GDM-45

SHE1003 Extra Shelf for Glass Door Units, for Larger Units

STK1001 Stacking Bracket Kit

WAR0001 Warranty, 24 months parts, 24 months labor, code "B"

WAR0002 Warranty, 5 years compressor, 24 months other, 13 months labor code "C"

WAR0003 Warranty, 24 months P/L, 3 years additional compressor, no labor, code "D"


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