Premium line of laboratory refrigerators that include microprocessor controls, variety of models available in glass or solid doors and large selection of sizes.

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Premium line of laboratory freezers that include microprocessor controls, various size selection, defrost options and temperature ranges.

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The largest selection of high-quality, stainless steel freezer racks. Available for standard 2" and 3" boxes, as well as microtiter plates, conical tubes, blood tubes and more.

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Streamlining Storage to Support OR Efficiency
December 7, 2015

High-Density Solution Brings 98 Percent of OR Supplies to Convenient Central Storage


Organization: Union Hospital

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

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Weighing Subject to the Requirements of “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) – a Task for the Analytical Balance MSA125P-100-DI
December 3, 2015


A lot of attention is paid to the weighing of substances during the production and|or testing of pharmaceutical products. It is generally seen as an essential step in determining quality and is therefore a key focal point for the operator, customers, clients and supervisory authorities. Pharmaceutical processes are accompanied by detailed quality assurance measures with comprehensive documentation. The binding regulatory requirements for this are provided by the rules of “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) and “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP).

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Image-Based Analysis of Cell Cycle Using PI
November 25, 2015

Introduction: Cell Cycle

The process of DNA replication and cell division is known as the cell cycle. The cell cycle is typically divided into five phases: G0, the resting phase, G1, the normal growth phase, S, the DNA replication phase, G2, involving growth and preparation for mitosis, and M, mitosis. Read More