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World's Best Refrigeration Technology - Double Stability with Double Security:  Performance Squared.

Z-SC1 Proudly presents The Twincore:  The most reliable, efficient and safest ULT yet.


Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration system offers unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity of your samples.

TwinCore© ultra-low freezers are designed for -86°C storage of high-value samples, which are prefect for critical material storage in bio-repositories, medical research facilities, BSL4 labs, hospitals and more.

TwinCore© Technology employs 2 optimized autocascade compressors, however it only requires one compressor to hold temperatures down to -86ºC.

Unlike leading competitors, Twincore© has two complete and separate refrigeration systems and serves as a true backup that will maintain a set point up to -86ºC at all-times.  The secondary compressor will act as a backup, and also drastically reduces energy usage.

These units also have an advanced LCD touch screen control panel, and each unit is assigned an IP address for monitoring functions by the Z-Sc1 WIZBOX network or with your in-house monitoring system.

Standard ultra-low freezers rely on a cascade refrigeration system. If this system fails, the freezer and your samples have to be removed as quickly as possible. LN2 or CO2 backups only sustain temperatures for approximately 7 hours and require routine re-filling, maintenance & supervision.

In the unlikely event of failure, your TwinCore ULT can be serviced on site without compromising or having to remove your precious samples.  It will stay at -82ºC at all times!

TwinCore© ULT Freezer is here to back you up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with our IT based WiZBox system

Z-Touch is the most advanced control system developed in the industry. Configured to your ULT specifications, the Z-Touch offers a wide array of set-up, control, and alarm features to fine-tune the configuration and setpoints of your specific requirements.

Despite its powerful set of features and capabilities, the Z-Touch has a very intuitive interface. The high-resolution touch screen allows for easy navigation where users can view data, graphs and settings directly on the screen.

On Board Datalogging with Inventory Management

– Control Freezer Settings and user authority level

– Monitor the Freezer’s health 24/7

– Access a detailed event log

– Access & Monitor your inventory

– Two Operating Modes: High Performance & Energy Saving

– Security: Key lock, Pad Lock Compatible, Setpoint Security

– Data Management

– Monitoring Outputs: RS-485, 4-20mA, Dry Contacts Standard

– Log File through USB

The TwinCore ULT Freezers also offers the best cooling rate in the industry: only about 3 hours to reach -82ºC from an ambient room temperature +22ºC.  Twincore also has an outstanding door opening recovery rate and incredibly consistent temperature uniformity.

Z-SC1 innovative insulation with Automatic High Pressure Foaming under Vacuum (AHPF-VIP) brings you to the next level of sample protection with 11.5 hours until pull up temperature to -20ºC, which is equal to a LN2 or CO2 Back-up system at no additional cost!

TwinCore ULT Freezers are also Green!  They utilize an environmentally friendly mix of natural refrigerants that allow an energy and power saving mode that is selectable..

Category: Ultra-Low Freezers
Microprocessor Controlled:Yes - Touchscreen
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H inches):78 x 36 x 38
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H inches):51 x 23.5 x 25

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Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration system offers unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity of your samples.