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Durable Covers For
• Logistic carts
• Storage shelves
• Ventilated cage racks
• Autoclave bags
• Lab animal cages and carriers
• Centrifuge covers
• Microscope covers
• Reverse light cycle applications
• Reverse Osmosis Tank Covers
• Duffle bags

PM Sewing’s covers have many added features like the use of ties, serged seams, #5 nickel zippers (Velcro on request) and double thickness on all known wear points and corners. This high quality workmanship has allowed our covers to last twice as long as many of our competitors’ covers. All PM Sewing covers carry a warranty of 1 year or 75 autoclave cycles – whichever comes first.

Our reusable covers help organizations achieve a higher level of environmental friendliness as compared to using disposable covers. This also ends up making good financial sense!

Custom cover for shelving cart.

Custom cover for shelving cart.

Standard Features of PM Sewing Custom Covers
• 100% Textured Polyester
• 7.0 ounce weight
• Autoclavable
• Double thickness on all known wear points and corners
• Surged seams
• Heavy duty nickel zippers
• Matching zippers and thread
• Zippers are double stitched
• Velcro closures upon request
• Ties to secure sides and door flaps
• Light blocking (optional)
• Embroidered logo or label on covers (optional)
• One year warranty or 75 autoclave cycles
• Availability in many colors
• Clear vinyl windows (non-autoclavable)
• Transparent vinyl pockets for identification cards (non-autoclavable)
• Fast lead times!